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Orcad schematic capture / Layout / Circuit Design
Production drawings and design of PCB assemblies.

SPICE Modelling of Analog and Digital circuits
Circuit analysis and SPICE modelling of new and existing designs.

Plastic and industrial parts screening to /883 standard
This service includes testing of all parts to Mil-Std /883 using procedures and processes equivalent to major manufacturers. We have a number of standard products that can be selected form our product catalogue, alternately please contact us for a quotation of your requirements. This service can also be used to test to extended temperature 150 Deg.C or 200 Deg.C if required.
Click here for a PDF catalogue of standard screened parts

Thermal shock, Mechanical shock and vibration testing services
We provide all the above services for evaluating the reliability of a product at the component, board or system level.

H.A.L.T Program development
We provide expert assistance with Highly Accelerated Life Testing of products for use in the most demanding environments. We can develop, execute and report on the testing and advise on reliability improvements to enhance performance.

Embedded Systems experts 8051, 68HC11 and H8 Series devices
We have several experts in digital system design and software design for embedded systems. Our engineers are capable of assembler and C and are experienced at all levels of system design.

Design build and test of "Low Noise" Tape Wound Cores
We design build and test Tape Wound Cores for magnetometer and other military and high specifciation systems. We provide bobbin manufacture, welding,MgO coating, annealing, damping and a complete packaging winding and testing service.

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