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Single shot and EMMS survey system for borehole surveying           
Low power electronics module for oil and gas drilling, mining or general orientation and survey purposes. The device uses a proprietary magnetometer design that can perform at temperatures up to 200 Deg.C Various accelerometers used depending on accuracy required.                                   Click Here for PDF Data Sheet

Memory Tool Face logger                                                                      ADXL202E tool face logger. Low power, adjustable memory intervals raw or calculated data.
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Silicon Accelerometer evaluation board                                         Evaluation system for ADXL202E and other analog or digital output accelerometer systesms.
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KMZ51 Based Compass
Various designs and specifciations. Custom builds to user specifications or standard products.

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Pressure and or Temperature Logging System
A low power, low cost pressure/temperature logging system that has been used for environmental, food transport and well logging applications. The system is battery powered or wireline powered and competitively priced to compete with mechanical devices. PC interface and user programmability enables flexible update times and measurement intervals.
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Low Voltage Power Supplies
Flexible low voltage power supplies that are factory adjustable to meet customer's requirements. Multiple outputs are available with an input voltage up to 200V. Operating temperatures are available to 200 Degrees centigrade.
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Short Range Electromagnetic Communication System
A current or magnetic dipole communication system for any short range communications application
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