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Company Profile

Remote Measurement Systems Limited (RMS) was incorporated in 1998 to provide high quality measurement and instrumentation products to the production logging and drilling services sector of the oil industry. The business has diversified to include customers from the military, aerospace, environmental, mining and medical industry, the common theme being demanding applications that require products and service where performance and reliability is critical.

RMS specialises in the design, manufacture and testing of products for operation at the extremes of shock, vibration and temperature and typically employ highly accelerated life testing early in the development cycle to verify the performance envelop and demonstrate outstanding performance and reliability.

RMS will sell, rent or lease the products that we design and manufacture. Additionally we will provide design and consulting services to customers who wish to have a custom built product to their specifications.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to continuously improve the economics of our customers by providing the highest quality products, people, technology, equipment, services and solutions. We will fulfill our mission through:

  • Responding and reacting quickly, accurately and professionally to our customer demands
  • Providing reliable innovative solutions to our customers needs
  • Develop reliable consistent products, processes and services
  • Partner with our employees, customers and suppliers to become a leading international provider of high performance electronics and instrumentation

Business Responsibility
Our business philosophies and ethics demand the highest possible standards of integrity and honesty. We encourage open communication, continued education and training of employees at all levels and strive to provide a secure and stable workplace for our staff.

We operate an equal opportunity employment policy and encourage our employees to work in a safe, healthy, happy and socially aware environment.

Financial Performance
The company will operate efficiently and profitably and focus on increasing shareholder value. Our growth and shareholder return on investment will be consistent with highest in the industry sector.

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